Online Dog First Aid Course
First Aid for Pets Online Dog First Aid Course

Dog First Aid Training Courses (Online)

Written by experts for all Dog Lovers This course covers the full syllabus for the 6 hour Canine First Aid course (plus much more) and conforms with the latest RECOVER guidelines for veterinary CPR. Ideal for those working with dogs and pet owners to gain the skills and confidence to help in an emergency until veterinary support is available.

  • Illustrated step by step directions, flow charts, diagrams, videos and test yourself sections.
  • Fully compatible with all computers and mobile devices, continuous access for 12 months
  • Stop and start as often as you like
  • Print your Certificate on completion.

This course is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge to help your pet or any other dog should an accident happen. The course is ideal for those working with dogs and pet owners to gain the skills and confidence to help in an emergency until veterinary support is available.

You will learn vital skills such as recognising when there is something seriously wrong. Learn how to take a dog’s pulse and give CPR if necessary, recognition and treatment for common First Aid emergencies, including bleeding, choking, poisoning and if they were hit by a car.

Empowering you with skills and confidence to help

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First Aid for Dogs Online Course Contents

  • Action in an emergency
  • Keep yourself safe
  • Priorities of Treatment
  • Preparing for an emergency
    • How to muzzle a dog
    • Helpful information
    • What to put in your First Aid kit
    • What the Vet needs to know
    • The Primary Survey – How to help in an Emergency
    • Danger
    • Response
    • Airway
    • Breathing and Circulation
  • Unresponsive and Breathing
  • Recovery Position
  • Unconscious and not breathing
  • Resuscitation
  • Choking and drowning
    • Choking
    • How to help a choking dog
    • Drowning
  • Anaphylactic shock and acute allergic reaction
    • Introduction
    • What is an allergic reaction?
    • Common triggers for reactions
    • How to recognise an acute allergic reaction?
    • How to Treat Anaphylaxis
  • Wounds and bleeding
    • How to treat a bleeding wound
    • Different types of bleeds
    • Dressings
    • Embedded objects
    • Shock
    • Symptoms of Shock
    • Treatment of Shock
    • Bite wounds
    • Eye injuries
    • Nose bleeds
    • How to bandage a wounded limb
  • Bites and Stings
    • Bee and wasp stings
    • Tick and flea bites
    • Snake bite
    • Animal bites
  • Burns
    • How to treat a burn
    • Causes of burns
    • Sunburn
    • Size, Cause, Age, Location, Depth
    • Electrical burns, chemical burns and smoke inhalation
  • Poisoning
    • Poisoning Explanation
    • Prevention
    • Common poisons for dogs – Human foods
    • Common poisons for dogs – non-foods
  • Breaks, Sprains and Dislocations
    • How do you know if they have broken a bone?
    • Types of Fractures
    • Treating broken bones
    • Dislocation
  • Head Injuries
    • Head Injuries
    • Spinal Injuries
    • Spinal Injury Basics
  • Road Traffic accidents – how to help!
  • Fitting / Seizures / Convulsions
    • What is a seizure and why does it happen
    • Seizures in dogs, what to do
  • Extremes of body temperature
    • Heat Exhaustion
    • Heat Stroke
    • Hypothermia
    • Useful advice
    • Final Lesson


I just want to say a huge thank you for your First Aid for Dogs course online. I have just started it but it is amazing and super thorough and clear on all subjects regarding the dogs health and general well being.

CC wants to thank you as well! She can breath easily now that she knows that I can save her life.

Edina Hello

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First Aid for Pets practical course

Practical Dog First Aid Course

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