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First Aid for Pets is an award-winning practical and online dog first aid training provider. We are passionate about empowering all dog-lovers with the skills and confidence to provide immediate first aid to their pets in a medical emergency.


Our first aid courses are written by experts from the veterinary, canine, medical and health professions in line with the latest RECOVER guidelines 2012 and Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. We are proud that our courses provide verifiable CPD for those working in the industry and we receive outstanding feedback from dog walkers, groomers and trainers.

Our trainers are highly experienced medical and emergency services professionals who have worked alongside and owned many pets over the years and have a real passion for keeping them safe and empowering others to do the same.

Our courses are informative, practical and fun and always tailored to the needs of those attending. We specialise in devising highly bespoke courses for more complex needs such as pets with serious injuries or illnesses.

First Aid for Pets was inspired by Gus, who attended a First Aid for Life Teenage First Aid course aged 14. After the course he went to his cousin’s birthday party and whilst the caterpillar cake was being cut, it’s thick chocolate face fell to the floor and was greedily gobbled up by Euston, his beloved pug. Euston went very quiet, stopped breathing and collapsed. Gus leapt into action and promptly used his new human first aid skills to save Euston, treating him as though he was a small baby. There was a stunned silence then the dog took a huge breath and struggled to his feet! Gus’ confidence and speedy response saved Euston’s life.

Empower yourself with the skills and confidence to help your pet immediately in a medical emergency. Prompt first aid reduces their pain and suffering and could save their life in those vital minutes before you can get to a vet.

This is an in depth, thorough course for anyone with a four legged friend.

There are many cases I see in practice which if a dog walker/ owner had the knowledge of this course, it would improve the prognosis for the animal and potentially save their life.

Elizabeth Orpwood

Veterinary Surgeon

Thank you for your book, First Aid for Dogs. Clearly the work you are doing at First Aid for Pets is hugely worthwhile.

Fitzpatrick Referrals, the SuperVet team

The Dogfather UK booked the Dog First Aid course for 12 of the team who walk, board and care for dogs on a regular basis. The course was very well run and covered all the key areas of first aid from RTA to bee stings, choking , poison, bites, resuscitation/CPR, bandaging etc. It adds extra confidence to the team, our clients and our dogs. I would highly recommend the course to any dog owner or dog caring professional.

The Dogfather UK

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