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Immediate and appropriate first aid will reduce your pet’s pain and suffering and could save their life


Empowering you with skills to help your pet following an accident – before you can get to a vet


Hannah J Betts came on our course and wrote about it in her column

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First Aid for Pets Online Courses

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First Aid for Dogs - Invaluable Guide

Read our highly acclaimed book – First Aid for Dogs

This invaluable guide to first aid for dogs explains step-by-step how to help your pet or any other dog should an accident happen.

You will not find a more comprehensive guide to caring for your pet in an emergency. This bright and informative guide includes allergic reactions, bites and stings, bleeding, broken bones, burns, choking, CPR, drowning, head injuries, hypothermia, heat stroke, improvised muzzles, poisoning, recovery position, seizures, spinal injuries, road traffic accidents, and so much more.

Buy now on Amazon to download or in print.

All course attendees receive a free copy.

I’ve never seen any first aid for dogs before. I think this is absolutely brilliant! Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur, International Speaker and best-selling Author

This is an in depth, thorough course for anyone with a four legged friend. 

There are many cases I see in practice which if a dog walker/ owner had the knowledge of this course, it would improve the prognosis for the animal and potentially save their life.

Elizabeth Orpwood

Veterinary Surgeon

First Aid for Pets is an Award Winning Dog First Aid training provider empowering all pet lovers with the skills and confidence to help their pet – in those first vital minutes before you can get to a Vet. 

In the Press First Aid Pets Dog First Aid Courses

Choking and Breathing Problems

Learn how to help your pet if they are choking, how and when to put them into the recovery position, what to do if they are drowning, when to give rescue breaths

Wounds, Bleeding and Burns

How to dress and bandage a wound, what to do if your dog is burnt, how to prevent your pet getting hurt, how to help if they have an eye injury

Poisoning, Extremes of Temperature and Fitting

Learn what common products can be lethal for your pet, signs and symptoms of different poisons, what to do if they have heat stroke or hypothermia, what to do in the event of a seizure

What To Do if they are Hit by a Car & More

Priorities at the scene of an accident, when and how to move and injured animal, how to recognise signs of shock, how to stop bleeding

UK’s Leading First Aid Course You Can Trustawards-horizontal

Emma Hammett First Aid for Pets

The course material has been written by Emma Hammett, Qualified Nurse, First Aid Trainer and founder of First Aid for Life in conjunction with other medical, first aid, animal and veterinary professionals.

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