FREE Online Dog Choking Course

A vital skill for all dog lovers – learn how to save your pet’s life


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  • Illustrated step by step directions, flow charts, diagrams, videos and test yourself sections
  • Fully compatible with all computers and mobile devices, continuous access for 12 months, stop and start as often as you like
  • Print your certificate on completion
  • Fully compliant with RECOVER guidelines and Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966
This is an in depth, thorough course for anyone with a four-legged friend. There are many cases I see in practice which if a dog walker/owner had the knowledge of this course, it would improve the prognosis for the animal and potentially save their life.
Elizabeth Orpwood, Veterinary Surgeon

Dog First Aid (Online)

Empowering you with the skills and confidence to help

Written by experts for all dog-lovers This course covers the full syllabus for the 6 hour Canine First Aid course (plus much more) and conforms with the latest RECOVER guidelines for veterinary CPR. Ideal for those working with dogs and pet owners to gain the skills and confidence to help in an emergency until veterinary support is available.

You will learn vital skills such as recognising when there is something seriously wrong. Learn how to take a dog’s pulse and give CPR if necessary, recognition and treatment for common first aid emergencies, including bleeding, choking, poisoning and if they were hit by a car.

UK’s Leading First Aid Course You Can Trust.


The course material has been written by Emma Hammett, Qualified Nurse, First Aid Trainer and founder of First Aid for Life in conjunction with other medical, first aid, animal and veterinary professionals. Emma has been featured on: In-the-press-Baby-768x232