We were delighted that Jeremy Paxman chose our first aid course to learn how to help his precious dog Derek. He really enjoyed the course and the other attendees loved having him there too. He was extremely enthusiastic, thrilled with the improvised muzzles. Fascinated by CPR and the Recovery position and full engaged in every element.

Jeremy told the Mail that ‘As part of the intensive session, owners were taught how to do a number of things that could help their dog such as the Heimlich manoeuvre, or what to do if your dog’s eye pops out’. On his feedback form Jeremy stated that he particularly enjoyed the company and loved learning how to create and apply an improvised muzzle.

We are thrilled that Jeremy decided to share his experience in this month’s SAGA magazine, with the Sunday Express and featured it in the Mail. He went home extremely happy and clutching a copy of our Amazon Bestseller First Aid for Dogs and a dog first aid kit.

Jeremy says his dog Derek has changed his life and even went to the extent of creating an Ode to Derek on Celebrity Great British Bake Off

We look forward to welcoming Jeremy’s partner Jill Taylor, on one of our future courses and are extremely happy that Derek is in such well prepared and safe hands!

We are absolutely delighted that Jeremy loved our dog first aid course so much and that he gained so much from it.

Jeremy Paxman loved first aid for dogs at firstaidforpets.net

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