It was an absolute honour to be asked to go and learn about the work of the charity Medical Detection Dogs. I was able to learn about their amazing work and how its positively impacted the people around it. Medical Detection Dogs- a charity using animals to save lives

The Charity

Medical Detection Dogs is a vital charity that trains dogs so they can detect the smell of human cancer and other diseases. The charity also trains dogs to assist people with long-term, life-threatening diseases. An example is, Type 1 Diabetes.  A Charity like Medical Detection Dogs is really important. Their work saves and improves the quality of many peoples lives. It is also an amazing charity as their research has proved incredibly valuable in the medical world. In the future, Medical Detection Dogs aims to have their technique of detecting human disease by dogs, available nationally on the NHS as an additional detection service.

Due to a dog’s incredible sense of smell, they can detect the odour of volatiles in a dilution of one part per trillion. The equivalent of one drop of blood in one Olympic sized swimming pool of water. Medical Detection Dogs use this outstanding skill in order to detect if a patient has cancer or an illness. Dogs can diagnose cancers and illnesses long before any symptoms are likely to show through their sense of smell. Also before any conventional tests would be able to detect them. Dogs, compared to traditional cancer testing methods, are a lot more accurate at detecting if a person has cancer or not. Using dogs instead of traditional blood tests to detect cancer is, more accurate, less intrusive, cheaper and overall better.

The work that Medical DMedical Detection Dogs- a charity using animals to save livesetection Dogs is currently doing is essential for improving the lives of many people. This charity has so much potential to save many lives. To see more of First Aid for life meeting Medical Detection Dogs go to:

To find out more about this amazing and ground-breaking charity visit: